Umesh Bhandary

Chief Commercial Officer

Umesh Bhandary
Umesh is the Chief Commercial Officer at NMC and has a cumulative experience of over 25 years across the healthcare industry, banking and government organizations in UAE, US and Marshall Islands. He is primarily responsible for managing and supervising operations of the organic healthcare entities in the UAE, Aspen Healthcare, UK and the operations and management vertical of NMC. Additionally, he is responsible for implementing corporate restructuring initiatives for NMC Healthcare and deploying strategic initiatives aimed at improving profitability, evaluating the commercial viability of new ventures and projects, commissioning Greenfield projects from conception to operations and assisting the senior management in implementing strategic management programs.
Umesh has successfully led the private placement program of NMC Healthcare to its completion in 2011. He has developed robust business models for the healthcare division of NMC Healthcare and improved its profitability significantly, successfully commissioned Greenfield projects and established the company’s operations and management (O&M) vertical and led the successful turnaround of Aspen Healthcare operations.

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