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Medical Transport

NMC can provide an ambulance and medical staff to patients in need of specialized medical transportation. For further information and ordering, please contact us via phone or email.

Phone, TV, Internet

Each bed has an individual telephone line you can use to contact the staff in the department, as well as your family and/or friends, and they can call you back. Each room is equipped with a TV set. Please always carefully adjust the volume of the TV set in order not to disturb other patients.

Internet Dongle and SIM cards are easily procurable. Please ask the IPSC team for additional information on how to get internet access.

Dietary Plan

Your dietary plan during your stay at NMC complies with the prescribed by your dietician after s/he has completed your assessment. Food is ordered daily, taking into consideration the physician’s recommendations. Our staff is always available in case you experience any problems with your diet. Your cultural and religious beliefs and convictions will also be taken into consideration. Food is always served as scheduled.

A nurse in the department will explain to you the rules about eating food you or your relatives have brought in during your hospital stay. Eating your food during your stay in the ICU Department is strictly forbidden. The nurse will inform your relatives to observe this rule, too. The Surgical Clinics allow patients to eat food brought in by relatives only if the physician on duty is informed about the type of food.

In the other Departments you can eat food brought in as long as it does not violate the nutrition rules under your prescribed diet. We highly recommend you do not store perishable food in the hospital room and food brought in could be left for storing with the staff in the department. There is a refrigerator for storing your food.

NMC will not be held responsible for cases of deterioration of a patient’s condition due to and as a consequence of consuming food brought in the hospital besides the portions served under physician’s supervision.

Café & Restaurant

NMC has accommodated a café, serving snacks and beverages. There is also a Restaurant serving cuisines friendly to patient attenders.

Opening hours:
Café – 24 Hours.
Cafeteria – 7am – 9pm.

Pharmacy – Open 24 hours.

NMC has accommodated a pharmacy shop open to patients and their relatives. It is located within the building.

Shuttles to Metro Station

NMC will provide a free drop to the nearest Metro Station – both to patients and their relatives. Dubai Road Transport Services are one of the most efficient public transport systems.


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