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NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain

NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Zip Code: 84142
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Tel:  +971 3 7030 300 Toll Free:  800 7030
Fax:  +971 3 755 3366
NMC Specialty Hospital
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Al Ain Hospital

Established in 2007, New Medical Centre Specialty Hospital Al Ain is a multi–specialty hospital providing quality and trusted healthcare services to the people of Al Ain and the surrounding areas. The hospital is affiliated with all major national as well as international insurance companies and enjoys direct billing facilities with the insurance companies and third party administrators (TPA).

  • Number of Patient Beds –82
  • Number of ICU Beds – 7
  • Number of Nursery Beds – 13
  • Number of Operation Theaters – 5
  • Number of Doctors – 110
  • Number of Nurses and Paramedics – 325

Backed by a team of expert doctors, experienced nurses, and trained paramedical along with the support of advanced diagnostic equipment and cutting-edge technology, New Medical Centre Specialty Hospital Al Ain offers a wide range of services in various specialties and super-specialties

Some of the additional features include:

  1. The hospital operates a well equipped laboratory offering extensive investigative facilities supported by a centralized computerized system. The hospital has tied up with Biomnis, France for rare investigations and tests not available locally.
  2. The radiology department offers state–of–the–art equipment, including a patient friendly open MRI (1.0 tesla), 64–Slice Spiral CT Scanner, 4–D Ultrasound with Color Doppler, Bone Densitometry, Mammogram, and Digital X–Ray systems backed by a fully integrated PACS system.
  3. The hospital serves as the referral centre of choice for smaller medical centres and clinics in Al Ain and surrounding areas.
  4. The Emergency Clinic and the adjoining New Medical Center Pharmacy are open 24 hours every day of the week. Specialist doctors are available for consultation and treatment round–the–clock.
  5. The hospital provides house visit on request and ambulance service facilities. It also extends specialized and customized healthcare services to companies and corporate clients.
  6. The hospital has forged strategic partnership with Germany’s prestigious Universities Freiburg Klinikum as well as tie–ups with leading international hospitals such as the London Clinic (London) and Universitats Spital (Zurich, Switzerland) for advance medical treatment not available locally.

New Medical Centre Specialty Hospital Al Ain is proud to be a part of this historic city. The hospital strives to make every patient’s experience welcoming and comfortable.

NMC Specialty Hospital