Rising Covid cases in UAE: Symptoms of new infections milder than before, say doctors

Posted on 02-06-2022

The primary reason could be the mass vaccination drives held by authorities, healthcare professionals believe

While Covid cases are inching up, doctors say the symptoms seen in new cases are much milder than before.

And they believe one reason could be the mass vaccination drives undertaken across the UAE and the world.

However, doctors say it is still vital that residents continue being vigilant and follow measures such as maintaining social distancing, practice hygienic and keep wearing masks. This is also valid given the new monkeypox virus.

“Patients are reporting milder symptoms,” said Dr Sarla Kumari, specialist physician, Canadian Specialists Hospital, Dubai.

Karthikeyan Dakshinamurthy, specialist internal medicine at NMC Royal Hospital, DIP, echoed those sentiments. “The number of patients needing hospitalisation have fallen drastically. The severity of symptoms has also dropped, thanks to the UAE government’s effective vaccination campaign.”

Dr Kumari said Covid symptoms are similar to flu. “Mild symptoms of Covid-19 include cold, cough, and throat pain, which is as similar to viral flu infections.”

Dr Dakshinamurthy said: “Most patients present with runny nose, body pain and fever. Some people also report cough and fatigue as symptoms. However, pneumonia or lung problems are not that common anymore.”

Dr Dakshinamurthy said that monkeypox is a self-limiting illness. “In severe cases, Covid-19 has approved medications which can be used, but for monkeypox no specific antiviral is available as of now,” he said.

“We need to follow the same steps: mask, hand wash, avoid gathering in closed spaces, and isolate if flu symptoms persist,” Dr Kumari said.

Doctors also advise residents to thoroughly cook meat products, while following standard procedures for general disinfecting.