COVID-19 warrior nurse among first to deliver Eid babies in UAE

Posted on 09-07-2022

It’s a double celebration for parents with newborns across the emirates

Dubai: The celebration of the first day of Eid Al Adha was made even more joyful as proud and jubilant parents across the UAE welcomed the birth of their Eid babies in the early hours of Saturday, July 9.

Sherin Mary Babu, an ICU nurse who also served as COVID-19 frontliner at Medeor Hospital in Abu Dhabi, was among the first happy mums to deliver Eid babies. She and her husband, Rony Alexander, welcomed their first child, baby girl Seria Mary Rony, on the first day Eid Al Adha. . Baby Seria, who weighed 2.86kg at birth, is healthy and doing well.

As an ICU nurse, Sherin has been actively serving on the frontlines for the last two years. She handled complex COVID-19 cases during the peak of the pandemic and supported long-term COVID-19 patients in the ICU for weeks. She got infected in June 2021 and had a difficult encounter with the virus. She was discharged days later after she recovered from complications.

Healthy baby

Sherin is over the moon about delivering her healthy baby on a special day in the same hospital where she works. She said: “Sometimes, such coincidences make us happy. I have been working on the frontlines here. We have seen the ordeal of our patients in the ICU and extended our support to them. When I was sick with COVID-19, I got good care from my colleagues. Now, I am surrounded by them to welcome my first baby. They are like guardians for my baby and me. I will cherish this moment forever as a healthcare worker.”

Prof. Walid El-Sherbiny, consultant obstetrics and gynaecology and HOD at Medeor Hospital, added: “Sherin is our family member. She has been a brave warrior on the frontlines. Welcoming baby angel Seria on this auspicious day is a joyful and proud moment for all of us. We wish the baby and her family a healthy and happy life.”

Double happiness

Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi, meanwhile, welcomed baby boy Abdul Rahman Omar Abdulrahman Mohamed in the early hours of Saturday. Baby Abdul weighed 3kg at birth. His parents are Omar Abdulrahman Mohamed and Yasmin Sadeq Abdelhamid from Egypt.

“Our entire family has longed for the baby’s arrival since Yasmin became pregnant. We didn’t expect to give baby Omar a special welcome to the world on Eid Al Adha. His birth on this blessed day has doubled our happiness. May the Almighty continue to bless our baby and the family,” said the proud father, Abdulrahman Mohamed.

Dr. Fady Georges Hachem, consultant obstetrics and gynaecology at Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi, said:. “Baby Abdul and his mother are healthy and doing well. Welcoming a new life to the world and being part of that journey is always wonderful. When it is happening on a special occasion, it is even more delightful for us.”

Most precious gift

Another baby was born at RAK Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah on Saturday. Baby girl Maria Hussam Abu Awwad, who weighed 3.64kg at birth, is the first child of proud parents Hussam Abu Awwad and Dina Awwad, who are both from Jordan.

Dr. Raza Siddiqui, RAK Hospital executive director, said: “Becoming a parent is the most wonderful moment to experience and when you get your most precious gift on the joyous occasion of Eid then it just doubles the celebration. We are very happy to be part of their journey to parenthood and wish baby Maria a beautiful, healthy and happy future.”

Two bundles of joy

Two Emirati babies – a boy and a girl – were born on Saturday at NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah.

Baby boy Mohamed Hamid Obaidi, who weighed 2.98kg at birth, is the fourth child of Emirati national Hamid Obaidi, a senior government functionary, and his Emirati wife. Siblings Obaid, 13; Rawdha 8; and Ghaya 5, were all happy to welcome their little brother.

The parents said: “Holding our son in our arms this Eid Al Adha is truly special and unforgettable."

Dr. Rabab Hilmy, consultant obstetrics and gynaecology at NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah, added: "The mother and child are both doing okay and I wish them all the joy and good health.”

The second Emirati baby born on Eid Al Adha is baby girl Shahd Ismail Miri, the second child of Ismail Miri and his wife.

Thrilled and elated

The proud father, who works as site supervisor at House of Wisdom, said: "I’m very happy to be a father again to my beautiful precious baby girl. I want to thank Allah for this blessing. He bestowed us his blessings on such a holy day. I’m thrilled and elated "

Baby Shahd weighed 3.08kg at birth. Both parents said: “We are very happy with the doctor, nurses and service provided by the hospital. We want to thank everyone for making this day so special for us. May Allah bless them with happiness.

Thankful parents

Indian mother Shemeema Puthu, who works as a medical encoder, gave birth to baby boy Anoush Ahmed at NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain through a normal vaginal delivery. She and her husband, Noufal Mambullinhalil (who is an accountant), are now proud parents of two kids. They thanked the hospital for their care and services.

Third child welcomed

Pakistani parents Abeer Salem and Mohd Fahad welcomed their third child, baby girl Sarah Khan, who weighed 2.955kg at birth.

The proud parents said: “It gives us immense pleasure to take our darling daughter to her two brothers (Mohd Bilal Khan, 6; and Mohd Osman Khan, 1.5 years old). Baby Sarah will be the apple of our eyes and what a blessing to have her on auspicious occasion of Eid. We would like to thank the hospital and the staff for their wonderful care.”

Big joy indeed

Another healthy baby was born at NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah as happy Egyptian parents Toka Ragab Hasan and Islam Adam Soliman welcomed their second child also on Saturday.

Baby girl Dahab Islam Adam weighed 2.855kg at birth and is very healthy. The parents said: “To be blessed with a baby girl on the first day of Al Adha is truly a big joy. We thank God and wish everyone to be blessed on this special day.”

Dr. Mona Azmy, specialist obstetrics and gynaecology at NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah, added: “I thank Almighty Allah for blessing this couple with a healthy baby girl. I’m proud to be part of their special journey. Eid Mubarak to all!”

Michael Davis, CEO NMC Healthcare, underscored, “The arrival of a new baby is exciting – newborns represent life and the promise of hope. Congratulations to all the proud parents on your new bundle! They are sure to bring love and joy into your lives. And the happiness in the family just got doubled with the auspicious occasion of Eid Al Adha. We pray for your good health.”