David Hadley

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Ethics and Compliance the NMC Way

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics defines how we conduct business. It outlines our core values and serves as the foundation for our business practices. The Code establishes the standards of behaviour expected from everyone associated with NMC and provides guidance on ethical decision-making. It ensures that everyone understands the regulations and ethical guidelines relevant to our industry, the work we do and how we do it. By adhering to this Code, we uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services while fostering a positive and trustworthy environment for all.

While the Code may not have the answer to every question you may have about performing your job responsibly, ethically, or legally, it sets the baseline expectations and conducts to guide you.

If you have questions about the Code, how it applies, or if you see something that may undermine the Code or our values, please Speak Up. You are important in upholding our ethical standards and maintaining our commitment to excellence.

NMC’s Code of Conduct and Ethics