Dr. Zia-Ur-Rehman Khan

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Specialty: Ophthalmology

Practice Locations: NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah, Sharjah

After graduating from Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, Dr. Zia undertook all his specialist training in Ophthalmology in the United Kingdom. Having attained his basic and specialist training in a recognized specialist registrar from prestigious institutes in London and Bath, he became eligible to begin work as a consultant in the NHS, UK. He attained the prestigious titles of Assistant Professor and Head of the Department in the Children Hospital and Institute of Child Health, Lahore. During this time, he developed a state-of-the-art tertiary care paediatrics ophthalmic service in Pakistan and initiated first fellowship in this sub specialty.

In 2007, he returned to the United Kingdom to further his knowledge and experience and worked as a Senior Consultant in a substantive position in Rotherham and Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation trusts. During this time, he provided general ophthalmic services alongside being a clinical lead in paediatrics ophthalmology and adult ocular motility. In addition, his responsibilities included holding regular facial dystonia and aesthetic clinics. Proceeding this, in 2014, Dr. Zia returned to the United Arab Emirates to continue working in Al Zahra Hospital. Recently, he completed a training course in femtosecond laser refractive surgery (SMILE) from Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

Dr. Zia built vast experience as a general ophthalmologist carrying out procedures such as small incision phaco surgery, oculoplastics, diabetic eye disease, routing medical retina including ARMD treatment, and refractive surgery. Dr. Zia worked for four years as a Senior Consultant in one of the MOH Hospitals in Fujairah. He performed over 25,000 phaco cataract surgeries, glaucoma surgeries, oculoplastic procedures, including DCR and ptosis surgeries, all sorts of ocular trauma and routinely carried out refractive surgery. His responsibilities while working in the United Kingdom included holding weekly facial dystonia and aesthetics clinics, and routinely treating essential blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm cases including the aesthetic use of different preparations of the botulinum toxin. These services, he is continuing to provide in Al Zahra Hospital.

As far as his area of sub specialty is concerned, has performed more than 2,000 squint surgeries which include horizontal, and vertical muscle surgeries, and is especially talented in doing squint surgeries using an adjustable suture. He has presented a multitude of papers on this subject, including one in the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting held in Dubai. He has sound experience in other paediatrics ophthalmic procedures, which include but are not limited to congenital cataract (>1,500), congenital glaucoma (>800), congenital lid anomalies including colobomas, probing and syringing with or without intubation, laser assisted DCR, pupilloplasty, treatments for retinoblastomas which include transpupillary laser thermotherapy, chemotherapy and, if needed and untreatable, enucleation with intraorbital implants and prosthetic eye.

He has done a great amount of research work, made numerous publications, and carried out many presentations in this field of his interest.While sharing paediatric ophthalmic cover in one of the greatest institutes in the United Kingdom (The Children Hospital, London), he developed a sub specialty interest in paediatrics ophthalmology. Continuing work as a Senior Consultant in Ohud Hospital, Medina, he gained vast experience as a general ophthalmologist but his interest in paediatrics ophthalmology was strengthened alongside his developing interest in Adult Motility disorders.

Dr. Zia speaks English, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi and Hindi.

His area of expertise are:

  • Paediatrics ophthalmology.

  • Squint surgeries including horizontal and vertical muscle surgeriesusing an adjustable suture. 

  • Congenital cataract, glaucoma, and lid anomalies.

  • Adult Motility disorders.

Practice Locations

NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah, Sharjah
NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah, Sharjah

Al Zahra St., Near Clock Tower, Al Musalla, P.O. Box: 3499, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

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