• Testimonial from Juanita Coetzee

    Hi Pieter,

    I really need to say a great and heartfelt “Thank you” to the staff of NMC Royal for the wonderful work and way in which they managed an emergency situation with my daughter on the 11 May 2017.

    I would like to express my sincere thanks, appreciation and applaud the way in which they treated me (the parent) and reacted to my daughters anaphylaxis. RN Robin Abraham, no words can describe how grateful I am to him. Not only his swift action but also the constant information flowing to me during the episode. Dr Amer was a prince! The team work and management of the case has saved my daughter’s life, and that is not an exaggeration as I’ve had this incident before hence know the only outcome if left longer or procrastination of care, will result and anaphylactic shock and sure death.

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  • Testimonial from Mr. Andrew Crellin

    To whom this may concern,

    I, Andrew Crellin recently had leg surgery on April 19th of 2017 on a fractured metatarsal bone.

    And Dr. Ravichandran was excellent. I was amazed that within 2 weeks I had the cast off and was able to walk and after just another 2 weeks I was able to return to work. Considering my job as cabin crew for a premium airlines based in Abu Dhabi and have to be fully recovered for my kind of work.

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  • Feedback from Ms. Sawsan Ibrahim

    Feedback from Ms. Sawsan Ibrahim

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  • Testimonial from Mr. Bassam Shami

    Dear All,

    When it is a matter of health, things will be risky, but when it is a matter of high standards of medical care, risk does not matter, you invest in high quality of technology, and high quality of staff on all levels, and the people invest in their health, with you, how it is strange when I say: it was a great pleasure for me staying in your hospital for two days, as if I am describing hotel on trip advisor or booking .com. but really this was the case, medically I was taking 7 stars service and as well all other services, starting by the security, receptions, nurses stations , laboratory, radiology, clinics, supervisors, doctors, and all those who were dedicated to serve us the best, you are aware ( as I noticed) that investment in human resources is much more important than investment in machines and the most updated equipment.

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  • Testimonial from Mr. Tarig Osman Abbas

    Dear All

    Good evening,

    Actually I was trying long back to write about my experience with NMC Royal and the doctors and staff that I have met, however due to some busy schedule I didn’t find chance before.

    My name is Tarig Osman, My son Mujtaba Tarig admitted on 29th December 2016 with full paralyzed hands, legs and bladder . The diagnosis was Guillain Barre Syndrome.

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  • Cervical Cancer – Quick Facts!

    Globally, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer, affecting women. It's the third leading cause of deaths in the world.

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  • Testimonial from Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed

    Dear all,

    With reference to my son Haris Ahmed stay at PICU and pediatric ward from 13 December 2016 till 4th January 2017 for Transverse Myelitis and SLE treatment at NMC Royal Khalifa City, I want to take a moment and provide you my feedback about our stay and treatment at hospital. My son has been recovered very well and took much lesser time than assumed by many doctors and specialist, the full credit goes to the doctors and whole team of NMC royal hospital team. Below is the strength and areas of improvement

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  • Testimonial from Mr. Sanathlal


    I thought twice before I write this. May be this is one among thousands you receive.

    I have visited your hospital in DIP Dubai today and I am very happy with service and support I received during my consultation and testing. Doctors were much detailed in explaining about my illness and those nurses who took me to difference units and doctors and testing facilities. Exceptionally the pharmacist who has suggested me ways to take care of myself to recover soon. Thanks to the whole team though I do not remember names of all.

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  • Testimonial from Mr. James Lavon Withers Jr

    Greetings Dr. Ahmed Abdelatty Ibrahim Elisayed,

    I hope you are well and the God continues to bless your life. All praises are due to Allah. Through your hands the God has blessed me. Before I met you Dr. Ahmed, I relied on nasal spray to help clear my nasal passages. I have used the nasal spays for more than 3 years to help my breathing through out the day and for night sleeping.

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  • Appreciation and Thank you note

    On Thu 19 Jan’17 Mst. Ayan Puthuparampil aged 7 years, was brought to the Emergency at 18:37h with a complaint of vomiting and drowsiness. Dr. Nitin Reddy, was informed by the parents that the child fell down from the bicycle around 1745 hrs and sustained head injury. Dr Manoj assessed the patient and was involved in patient care.

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