If you are significantly overweight and have a history of unsuccessful weight loss via lifestyle modification then the Intragastric Balloon Weight Loss Program may be right for you!

NMC Intrgastric Weight Loss Program

What is Intragastric Balloon
Weight Loss Program

The Intragastric Balloon Weight Loss Program is a proven walk-in procedure
without surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia.


Lose weight without the hunger frustration of most diets

  • Average weight loss of 13 and 15 kg in 16 weeks
  • Imrpoved health indicators and quality of life

Get multidisciplinary support during your weight loss journey

  • Ongoing support from your medical & nutrition team
  • Wireless monitoring with a "smart" scale and a mobile phone app.

Discover a breakthrough in simplicity: no surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia

  • Enjoy the privacy of an outptient procedure: no one in your entourage needs to know
  • Placed during a brief 20 - minute walk - in procedure
  • At the end of therapy, self-empties and passes naturally

How does the Intragastric Balloon get
into my stomach?

After your physician confirms that Intragastric Balloon Weight Loss Program is right for you, the balloon
will be place in your stomach during a brief 20 - minute outpatient visit.

The Intragastric Balloon is swallowed
in a physician's office

The Intragastric Balloon is filled with
550 ml of liquid in the stomach

In the 16th week, the Intragastric Balloon
self-empties and passes naturally

Measuring Units

Your BMI is




BMI Categories

Underweight : <18.5

Normal weight : 18.5-24.9

Overweight : 25-29.9

Obesity : >30

What happens next?

What happens when the balloon is gone?

Your efforts are key to continue managing your weight

Support from your healthcare team continues for one month to consolidate your new lifestyle habits

Use your Elipse Scale & Mobile App to track your progress

Expert Support

The Intragastric Balloon is at the center of a nultidisciplinary weight loss program

Oversight from our physician

6 months of dietary coaching from a trained nutritionist

Connected "smart" scale and smartphone application to track progress

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Lose 13 to 15 kg on average in 16 weeks of Intragastric Balloon Therapy. 80% of weight loss occurs in the first three months.

Most people are able to swallow the Balloon. If you have trouble swallowing the balloon on your own, your physician can assist you using a gentle guide wire.

Most people are able to return to normal activity within a day or two, but soome people experience nausea, abdominal cramping, and occasionally vomiting after balloon placement. In most cases, these symptoms are well - controlled with the standard medications prescribed by the physician.


Dr. Yogesh Manohar Shastri

HOD & Specialist Gastroenterologist
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