• Appreciation and Thank you note

    On Thu 19 Jan’17 Mst. Ayan Puthuparampil aged 7 years, was brought to the Emergency at 18:37h with a complaint of vomiting and drowsiness. Dr. Nitin Reddy, was informed by the parents that the child fell down from the bicycle around 1745 hrs and sustained head injury. Dr Manoj assessed the patient and was involved in patient care.

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  • Testimonial from Mrs. Yasmeen Saleem

    Dear NMC Mngt team.

    I would like to sincerely thank all your staff and doctors (sunitha Gupta& M.Kiran) sisters Julie Johnson,Lisa mathew & tindu was so great in their profession that I don't have words to thank them.we recommend all our family members & friends to choose only NMC hospital for their materniy it was a great experience .

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  • Testimonial from Mr & Mrs. Charles Njuguna

    My husband and i have been visiting NMC Deira, Abu hail for orthopedic treatment. It was so tough for us before we came to NMC but after visiting, everything seemed so possible. We have had the best experience ever. We have been under Dr. Kuldeep the Orthopedic. He is a real genius! He did everything calmly and perfectly well and we really appreciate his effort. He is one of a kind! God bless him abundantly! We also want to appreciate Ms. Rashma his nurse, very kind, professional and is always there to assist, so helpful. Ms. Aparna at reception could also not go un-noticed. Thumbs up for her excellent customer service, and her kindness too.

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  • Testimonial from Nawar, Dima and Ussama El Khouri

    Dear Sirs,

    On behalf of all the family members of your patient Afif El Khouri, we extend our most sincere thanks and gratitude. We couldn't have been more fortunate to have chosen NMC Royal, and to have had such a wonderful team of doctors, nurses and staff members taking care of our father. We particularly would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Darshan D.S., Dr. Wissam Al Sahli, and Dr. Kamal al Abdi with a very special thanks to Dr. Dinesh Ramagowdanpura Sadasivan who we wholeheartedly believe saved our father's life.

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  • Appreciation and thanks to Dr. Manohar Reddy Specialist Int Med

    Dear Sir,

    I took treatment for my father Kaliyaperumal Govindasamy age 80 ( file number E62505-1) with Dr. Manohar Reddy for the sudden collapse of his health in our NMC hospital abudhabi.

    Due to Dr. Manohar Reddy Excellent treatment now my father health is getting better. I take this opportunity to appreciate his treatment and close followup for the speedy recovery.

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  • Testimonial from Ms. Vandana

    Dear Director,

    Myself Vandana John,had a spine surgery under Dr.Costas on 26th Nov 2016, I would like to thank the service provider and moreover the doctor who saved my life. Dr.Costas didnt only treated me physically but was a great emotional support to where else in other hospitals were not ready to operate me as my condition was critical and told me that I might be paralyzed after the surgery here I am walking and doing my necessary work myself and the bunch of nurses were supportive too.

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  • Testimonial from “Dr. Sanjay”

    Dear Dr. Ravi,

    Re: My Experience with You (ie. Dr. Ravichandran Subbaraj), NMC Day Surgery Centre Abu Dhabi Before it is too late, let me record my experience. I sustained multiple fracture in my left leg, around the ankle. I was operated by you on July 19, 2016.

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  • Testimonial from “M. Blel”

    Dear Doctor Mohamed.

    I wanted to write to congratulate to about your staff Mr. Ans Kalid Hamada. He did an amazing human touch reaction .

    They had an Emirati lady called for help in Arabic and I think the security didn’t understand her, he was just confused based on my observation .

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  • Testimonial from “W. Thomson”

    Dear Barry and Dirkie

    Yesterday I was admitted for a procedure at NMC Royal and stayed overnight

    My 24 hour stay was absolutely wonderful from admission to OR to the VIP ward. All of them showed the utmost respect , professionalism and compassion.

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  • Testimonial from “Y.Hussein”

    Dear All

    To whom it may concern

    On the 6th July 2016 I went to the emergency department at NMC hospital in
    Khalifa City A due to been unwell. I got admitted and testes were carried
    out. As my symptoms were getting worse and the test results showed I had a
    relapse of a condition I have called Crohns. Without going into too much
    details the test results showed that I was in a very critical and severe
    level of my condition.

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